Stationed in the heart of wheeling , Utah,Trail Ridge Off-Road has the perfect playground to develop innovative products that make your rig better and easier to build. The founder Seth and his 4runner is where it all started.

” In starting the build of my 4runner I found that my budget and lack of parts for my rig made things difficult. With my wife and I both going to school money was tight and I found that the parts available were not what i wanted or too expensive. So i started making my own parts and in the end the only parts I bought were: my front shock towers, some bushings and a hand full of bolts! It is my love of off-roading and the great outdoors that’s always kept me going and innovating my rig.”

“After talking with others with like problems, I decided that some of my ideas would work for others as well. I started the business with the idea of giving the off-road community a honest business, with quality American made parts and steel. This has become my great passions in life.”

” We do all custom work if you have a specific bumper or slider you want built, email us the drawings and we will get a quote back to you as soon as possible. Creating is our business and wheeling is our passion!”

“We can make anything you can dream up and at a much better price than any other shop I promise you that!”

Seth Johnson
Founder and Owner
Trail Ridge Off-Road LLC.